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Sometimes you change your mind about a previous decision, even if you were positive it was what you wanted at the time. It is easy to make a decision with good intentions and later realise it is no longer appropriate or suitable. 

Some choices can easily be fixed, others can be less so. Fortunately, when it comes unwanted tattoos there are solutions, permanent, or temporary. Here are some ideas on what you can do if you decide you no longer want your tattoo.

  1. Laser Removal

There have been a vast number of technological advancements over the years, resulting in a significant improvement in laser tattoo removal, meaning that today it is an extremely efficient and safe process with fabulous outcomes. 

The only way to permanently remove a tattoo from your body is via laser removal, and whilst the idea of this may seem dauting, the process is actually very simple. Using PhotoAcoustic technology, the tattoo ink (coloured ink as well as black) is gradually faded over the treatment period, until your skin returns to its natural colour. If you want a permanent solution to your unwanted tattoo, then laser removal is a great choice.

  • Temporarily Cover 

If you are looking for a non-invasive method to temporarily cover a tattoo, then there are a few different methods of coverage to choose from. Make-up can be a great tool, especially a heavy-duty concealer, because when matched to your skin-tone it can smoothly cover the ink. You can also find tattoo tapes which are good for covering smaller tattoos, or simply wear additional clothing layers or accessories if your tattoo is in a position where this will hide it from visibility. These are of course only temporary measures and if you really don’t want your tattoo anymore then permanent laser removal is the only option.

  • Cover with New Tattoo

If you do not want your existing tattoo but are open to the idea of a new tattoo on your body, then there is the option of covering it with more ink. A tattoo artist can create a design that will cover your current tattoo. It is important to remember that this new tattoo will be dictated by your existing tattoo so if you want to downsize your tattoo, or do not like its current location this will not be a viable solution. A cover-up tattoo is adding additional ink to your body so if you really don’t want your tattoo anymore the best option is permanent laser removal.

At 1192 Clinic we have 28 years of combined experience with tattoo removal so we are confident in the treatment and results you will receive from us. We use the best equipment for black and coloured tattoo removal. We offer a free and no obligation laser removal consultation, where you can learn about our treatment process in detail. We will assess your suitability and provide an accurate cost.  In addition, we would be delighted to show you numerous examples of our tattoo removals. To book a consultation today or to read more about laser tattoo removal at our healthcare clinic, visit www.1192clinic.co.uk/portfolio-item/laser-tattoo-removal-treatment/