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Skin Analysis

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The Skin Analysis Machine uses advanced UV and digital technology to take close-up photos of your skin. This helps your skin expert therapist recommend the most suitable products and treatment plans specifically designed for your skin. Initially created by Nasa to look at the effects of zero-gravity on astronauts’ skin, this hi-tech device provides you with an in-depth skin analysis which cannot be achieved by looking at your skin directly.

The analysis can show up a range of different features:

– Fine lines and wrinkles
– UV spots from sun damage
– Large pores
– Bacteria on the skin
– Rosacea

This factual approach to skincare is one that we  strongly encourage. We take the approach that you can decide for yourself whether a skincare range is working for you. We are not afraid to put the products we use to the test and the analysis machine allows us to do just that.



Skincare :

We offer a wide variety of skin treatments and products to help achieve the desired results you are looking for. Ask one of our therapists about our customised skincare routine utilising the Skin Analysis machine.