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Our N-Lite medical laser emits a unique laser light SmartPulse from a hand piece held close to your skin. This is used for the treatment of: Acne vulgarise (Active Acne), Acne Scarring, Wrinkle Reduction and Vascular lesions.


If you suffer from acne, Nlite has been clinically proven to effectively treat the inflammation and spots, as well as reducing pits and scars noticeably improving your skin. If unsightly wrinkles like crows feet cause distress. Nlite can smooth them out, visibly reducing their appearance giving younger looking skin. Against acne the SmartPulse laser light kills and reduces the bacteria that causes the infection and it stimulates the natural mechanism repair of the skin. With acne scars and wrinkles the light penetrating into the blood vessels stimulates your body’s natural healing response to build collagen from beneath so gradually pushing the wrinkles out.

Acne has been shown to significantly improve 2 to 4 weeks following a single session. Patients wiIl usually receive 3 treatments 3 to 4 weeks apart. Acne clearance has been shown to last over 9 months. Maintenance treatments may be required thereafter.

Wrinkle Reduction

Wrinkle reduction works most effectively with 3 treatments 2 weeks apart. Combination treatments such as micro-dermabrasion exfoliate the outer layer of skin, complimenting and enhancing the NLite treatment. Results are seen after 1 to 3 months. Further treatments to maintain wrinkle reduction are required are necessary with results typically lasting 12 months.

Vascular Lesions

If you have certain kinds of vascular lesions such as port-wine stains. Spider veins or rosacea etc, Nlite can treat them effectively. To treat vascular lesions a higher energy beam is used which destroys the problem blood vessels that cause the blemishes whilst leaving healthy skin unharmed. Vascular lesions depending on their type and severity are selectively destroyed. Spider veins can take as little as 1 treatment, whilst other types may need several treatments.

What does treatment involve?

It’s simple, you wear protective eye shields, lie back and relax while the NLite operator moves the hand piece slowly over your skin firing the SmartPulse laser light exactly where required. NLite is fast too, less than 30 minutes to cover the whole face. You may feel a warming sensation during treatment but it is usually painless.

Does NLite have any side effects?

Immediately following treatment there are little or no visible after-effects so you can resume your normal routine quickly. NLite is clinically proven to have negligible side-effects.