1192 Laser & Beauty Clinic located in the grounds of the Liberty Stadium Swansea, has become recognised as one of the leading clinics and beauty salons within its field.

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Male Treatments

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Men’s skin is unique. Shaving, fatigue, sport and screen time all make their own demands. ELEMIS responds with high performance facial therapies designed to restore energy, dynamism and lustre to male skin. Elemis is the number one luxury british skincare brand. Includes biological actives from above and below the earth’s surface Elemis’ attention to detail sets their skincare apart.


Elemis High Performance Skin Energiser

Energises stressed, dehydrated skin with targeted circulation-boosting massage to revitalise and nourish.

Elemis BIOTEC Supercharger for Men

A triple hit of ultrasonic peeling, steam and galvanic current to reactivate tired skin’s dynamism.


Our Freestyle Deep Tissue Massage is tailored entirely to your needs. After a short consultation your therapist will select an aromatic oil according to your concerns, be they muscle pain or the need for stress relief, relaxation or emotional balance. Skin is prepped to release toxins and the flowing massage works deeper and deeper into the tension, encouraging optimum circulation.


Nothing gets into the belly of the muscle like a hot stone. Bathed in the intensely moisturising massage oil, a curated range of Balinese stones are selected to address exactly what you need. They are worked over the body, deep into the muscles, getting into areas of tension at a profound level, persuading the muscles to release their trapped energy.


Wax is warmed in a professional wax heater and then applied in a thin layer using a one-use-only spatula. A paper wax strip is then pressed into the wax, and removed:

  • Nose
  • Ears
  • Back
  • Back incl. Shoulders
  • Chest incl. Abdominal
  • Lycon Beard

Laser Treatments

We offer a number of laser treatments for men that include:

  • Multi Colour Laser Tattoo Removal
  • Laser Hair Removal
  • Laser Acne Treatment
  • Fat Reduction
  • Laser Rejuvenation
  • Laser Thread Vain Treatment
  • Laser Pigmentation Treatment
  • Laser Wart and Verruca Treatment