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Multicolour Laser Tattoo Removal in Swansea from the experts with a combined 22 years of experience removing tattoos. Laser Tattoo removal once meant gambling low odds of success on a high risk of scarring and pain. Tattoos are designed to last forever, but as more and more people seek removal of these deeply embedded ink particles, laser tattoo removal technology too has kept pace with improved methods of safety and efficiency. The latest and most advanced technology comes in the form of Q-switched Nd:YAG lasers using PhotoAcoustic Technology which safely penetrate the skin and target each tattoo ink colour with specific wavelengths, causing tattoos to gradually fade during a course of 5 to 15 treatment sessions. RevLite: The Most Advanced Laser for Removing Black and Multi-colored Tattoos. Most lasers have at least two wavelengths to target dark blue, black and red inks. The RevLite features a further four wavelengths to target a wider range of colours, from blue, black and red, to orange and purple, and even difficult-to-treat green and sky blue. A number of before and after images are displayed below:


What to Expect With RevLite laser, you will be receiving the latest and most advanced technology to safely remove tattoos with maximum success and comfort.  As the laser light energy gently vibrates and shatters the ink particles into easily eliminated micro-particles, which will then be targeted by the body’s waste disposal mechanisms.  The short pulses feel similar to snaps of small rubber bands, followed by a warm sensation.  A temporary whitening will follow the first treatment; over time, the tattoo particles will fade through the lymphatic system and the skin will return to its natural colour.  Dark blue, black and red inks offer highest degree of success, followed by orange and purple; green and sky blue may require additional treatments for significant fading.



We are proud to offer a free and no obligation consultation to explain the treatment process in detail, apprise the accurate cost of tattoo removal per session and to assess your suitability for this treatment. This session will also give you a chance to ask any questions you may have to one of our experienced laser therapists. Having removed hundreds of tattoos successfully for over 10 years, we have numerous examples of tattoos we have removed that we can show to you. Before any Tattoo sessions can be booked, a small ‘patch test’ area of the tattoo will be treated to ensure you are suitable to have the full tattoo removal treatment and a before treatment photo will be taken.


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