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Laser Hair Removal

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The Magma System, featuring Forma-tk’s advance 808nm Diode Laser technology for Effective, Safe and Painless hair removal treatment for all skin types. The 808nm Diode Laser has three key advantages over older methods of epilation: Comfort, Speed and Safety.


Due to the advance coolling system, hair removal treatment can be performed with minimum skin irritation. The ALD applicator is equipped with a metal surface plate which is cooled to 4°C reducing discomfort. Using the 808nm Diode laser for hair removal, large areas can be treated considerably faster, increasing the efficiency of the hair removal treatment. The Magma is a precise instrument that can be adjusted to damage only the hair follicle while minimally affecting the surrounding skin. Lasertrolysis is a method of removing unwanted hair, utilising laser energy targeted to the hair follicle to cause thermal damage and prevent further hairs from growing. The near-infrared laser light is emitted by the ALD applicator and preferentially absorbed by the pigment located in the hair follicle. The laser is pulsed, or turned on, for only a fraction of a second. The duration of each pulse is just long enough to damage the follicle, while the system’s unique contact-cooling system helps protect the skin by conductive cooling during the laser energy delivery.



The Magma Diode system delivers a long wavelength (808 nm wavelength). Enabling the light to penetrate deeper into the skin while better avoiding the melanin pigment in the skin’s epidermis. The long wavelength penetrates into the hair follicle causing only minimal epidermal injury.  This fact allows Forma-tk’s Diode laser to be used on all skin types.


We are proud to offer a free and no obligation consultation to explain the treatment process in detail, apprise the accurate cost of laser hair removal per session and to assess your suitability for this treatment. This session will also give you a chance to ask any questions you may have to one of our experienced laser therapists.  Before any laser hair removal sessions can be take place, a small ‘patch test’ area of the hair will be treated to ensure you are suitable to have the full hair removal treatment you have selected.


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