1192 Laser & Beauty Clinic located in the grounds of the Liberty Stadium Swansea, has become recognised as one of the leading clinics and beauty salons within its field.



As a tight-knit team at 1192, we have closely followed the COVID-19 pandemic with growing concern as the number of cases have risen. Whilst providing the high level of service to our customers is our passion, the health of our staff, our loyal customers and our community is our priority, and we know that by following the latest government advice we can best protect this.

That advice is currently to avoid unnecessary travel, avoid all unnecessary contact with others and to maintain 2 metres social distance. This is unfortunately not something achievable within any salon, so despite the challenges which this will present to our small business, we have made the decision to close from 5pm on Monday 23rd March until further notice.

This decision will be 1192’s contribution to a much wider effort to fight this outbreak, and we hope that by ‘doing our bit’, we can help reduced the spread. Our thoughts remain with those affected and their families, as well as those key workers who are working hard to keep the country going.

We will continue to remain active on social media and via phone whilst not in salon, and we look forward to welcoming you all back in when we reopen in the future.

Stay safe and see you soon. 
The 1192 team; Donnalee, Emma, Jody, Emily, Chloe, Anna-May & Abbey