The best way to get perfect eyebrows

The best way to get perfect eyebrows

Long gone are the days where teenagers experience the rite of passage known as over plucking. Now that YouTubers and bloggers are dominating the internet, teenagers no longer experience the humiliation of pencil thin eyebrows and mismatched cheap foundation.

Eyebrows made a major comeback throughout the 2010’s, with Cara Delevigne and the Kardashian crown jewel- Kim Kardashian West, drawing attention to groomed and perfectly filled eyebrows.


Most of us spend a good 15 minutes per day on our eyebrows (or maybe that’s just me- someone tell me I’m not alone in my brow battle?) . It can be hard to find time in the day to ensure that your eyebrows are arched to perfection.

We have found that one of the easiest ways of taking care of our brows is to leave it to a professional. If we could go back in time, we’d never touch tweezers again unless it was uni-brow emergency.

It can be difficult to navigate your way through the mass of luxury and drugstore eyebrow products, with every cosmetics company capitalising on the brow trend. The hardest thing is finding the right way to shape your brows before you fill them, and it can quite often end in disaster.

Pro tip: Don’t forget to brush through your brows each morning before filling them, as this ensures you get rid of any excess product from the day before and sets the hairs in perfect position for product application.

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How can I get perfect eyebrows with minimal effort?

Here at 1192 Laser & Beauty, we provide a full treatment by HD Brows.

HD Brows is seven-step brow shaping treatment that focuses on design. It involves a mix of techniques, together with tinting, waxing and threading, using specialist HD Brows products.

On average, the results last around four weeks- which means you won’t be splitting hairs with your tweezers for at least a month. The treatment takes around forty five minutes, and you’ll walk out with eyebrows that provoke brow envy everywhere. Click here to book online!