Revealing the biggest beauty myths

Revealing the biggest beauty myths

We’ve grown up surrounded by beauty urban legends. Our mothers told us plucking would lead to seven more hairs, and that shaving made hair thicker and darker. They meant well, but some of these simply aren’t true. We’re here to save you some time, and we’re busting some of the most common beauty myths around.

Your skin adapts to products, so they stop working

Your skin is an organ, and can have a life of its own. It grows and changes at will, and it can be difficult to navigate your way through skincare products when you have a particularly worrying skin flare up.

If you find a product that works and all of a sudden you are back to battling the same old problems, chances are your skin has changed and you need to find products as the evolution of your skin continues. The old products haven’t lost their power, your skin has simply outgrown them. Think of it like an old pair of shoes that you love but suddenly bring you out in blisters. The shoes haven’t changed, but your feet might have.

There’s no such thing as over whitening your teeth

Wrong. Ideally, you should only whiten your teeth once or twice a year. Anymore and you’re risking serious sensitivity. If you haven’t felt this type of pain before, we’d avoid it at all costs. It feels like your teeth are about to drop out one by one.

Cutting your hair often makes it grow

This is one of the very old wives tails that claims that if we trim our hair more regularly that we’ll quickly morph into Rapunzel. Sorry, but this is a big fat lie. Trimming the ends of our hair actually has no effect on the root whatsoever. What this does do is provide the illusion of growth and keep split ends at bay. It also adds more volume to your tresses as they don’t become heavy with weight.

Everyday makeup damages your skin

Wrong. What damages your skin is sleeping in your makeup, and using harsh products like face wipes to take off your face. A lot of products now include a lot of beneficial ingredients, and foundation is no longer a thick paste that clogs up your skin. You don’t actually need to take a break away from makeup to let your skin breathe, but sometimes it’s nice to feel bare faced. If you wear a full face of makeup everyday (guilty), then make sure you take every last bit off before going to bed.

We’re all guilty of falling asleep in contour and lashes, and rubbing it off in the morning. However, sleeping in your makeup has the possibility of causing detrimental damage to your skin, and having irreversible effects. Don’t believe us? Your skin actually ages each time you sleep in your make up, which is enough to have you rushing for your cleanser.

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