Interview with a Blogger – Beth Eleanor Beauty

Interview with a Blogger – Beth Eleanor Beauty

Here at 1192, we love speaking to our clients and helping them with their beauty dilemmas. We bust beauty myths, recommend skin saving solutions and have a giggle while we do it. Basically, we can be your new best friends.

Last week, we were thrilled to welcome a new client through our doors. Beth Thomas, of, is a local beauty blogger and digital marketer.

After a disappointing LVL treatment elsewhere, Beth came to 1192 to give the treatment a second chance. Word on the grapevine is that our beauty experts turned it all around for Beth, her lashes are now the Rapunzel of all eyelashes.

We had a quick catch up with Beth to discuss blogging, beauty, and her experience at 1192 Laser & Beauty.

blogger lash image

Image: Beth Eleanor Beauty

Hi Beth!

So I hear that you had a bit of a bad experience elsewhere. Can you tell me a little bit about your last LVL treatment?

Well, I went to have my LVL done and after having them done before I had been really pleased. Looking in the mirror after the last one I noticed straight away that they weren’t great, and thinking about it I really should have said something but it felt really awkward, you know?

As I blog about all things beauty, LVL picked up on it and got in touch. I then chose to have my treatment done as 1192.

Are there any bloggers you admire, that help inspire your own blog?

I absolutely love Tanya Burr, I get a lot of my beauty tips from her.

Have you learned lots of beauty tips from blogging?

I’ve learned a lot from videos, I used to be purely about foundation and eyeliner and I’ve learned everything from the internet.

How was your evening at 1192?

It was really great, the ladies there were really friendly and put me at ease straight away.

Are you pleased with the results of your treatment?

I absolutely love the results. I’ve shared it all over my Instagram and Facebook and everyone can see the results, the lashes speak for themselves. Look at them!

Beth's lashes after her LVL

Beth’s lashes after her LVL

Will you be visiting us at 1192 again?

I definitely will be, fancy getting my nails done too so that’ll be on my list!

What overall impression did you get of the clinic?

Really friendly professional women who knew exactly what they were doing and made sure I felt super relaxed, it’s a long time lying down with your eyes closed for nearly an hour but we just chatted away and the time flew by!

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