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1192 Laser & Beauty Clinic located in the grounds of the Liberty Stadium Swansea, has become recognised as one of the leading clinics and beauty salons within its field.


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01792 651412

1192 Laser & Beauty Clinic located in the grounds of the Liberty Stadium Swansea has become recognised as one of the leading clinics and beauty salons within its field. Owner and Laser expert Donnalee, works along side some of the countries leading Laser manufacturers, undertaking exclusive trials and offering feed back on the most effective treatments currently being launched in the UK.

Whilst her award winning team is quickly establishing its reputation for high quality treatments, their general approach is friendly and discrete. Clients can access a wide range of treatments within their beautifully designed clinic, everything from manicures and pedicures through to complex clinical based treatments, such as colour laser tattoo removal are offered within in a totally relaxing atmosphere.

1192 Laser and Beauty clinic is very proud to offer the NLite, RevLite, Magma Laser Hair Removal and iLipo fat reduction technologies. These revolutionary treatments can finally get rid of unwanted skin and hair problems. Skin disorders can also be successfully treated, please contact us for an initial free consultation. We also offer RevLite SI Laser Tattoo Removal. This Laser Tattoo machine is the first in Wales that removes all colours of tattoos.

Ample parking is available within the grounds of the stadium and the clinic is just 5 minutes off the M4 motorway, on the doorstep to Swansea City centre and the beautiful Gower Coast. We look forward to welcoming you to the clinic in the near future.


Opening Hours

MON 10:00AM – 5:30PM

Tue & Wed 9:30am – 5:30pm

Thurs & Fri 9:30am – 7:00pm

Sat 9:00am – 1:00pm

Closed Sunday

Email Us

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Find Us

Our Clinic is located within the grounds of the Liberty Stadium Swansea. There are ample free parking available to our customers which you’ll find opposite the Clinic. To find us within the Liberty Stadium, drive into the Stadium going past the Club shop and Reception to the far end of the car park – look to your right and you won’t miss us. Via Bus, we are very accessible using the Buying Xanax Online Cheap. This runs opposite the Liberty Stadium and is a short walk away. 

Nearby there the Morfa retail park houses many shops and restaurants including Next, Currys PC world, TK Maxx and Pizza Hut.

We've Closed due to Coronavirus

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